We are also interested in researching what impact on patient outcomes could be achieved when data collected by the platform is analyzed, reported, and visualized in real-time. This explains our interest in studies related to remote patient monitoring and diagnostic management teams, and our development of the presents/with platform. In these scenarios, the need for data to be processed as it is collected requires additional technology integrations to ensure timely delivery, transformation, and analysis. And unlike studies where data review takes place at the end of the study, these “real-time” studies may require significant data processing at the single endpoint where data from all study participant devices is posted. This data destination has system architectural requirements to ensure a high level of network availability and processing power. Ideally, such a system would scale automatically with demand, with additional resources coming online as needed to handle current load.

Microsoft Azure, a cloud-based computing resource, provides a robust combination of technologies to meet these requirements. Follow the links at the right for a brief description of the Azure technologies our platform leverages to provide a solution for real-time monitoring that can easily scale to meet the demands that come with wide deployment of studies monitoring data collected and delivered by status/post and Gene Doe.