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We make platforms for Citizen Science, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Diagnostic Management Teams using the iPhone, Apple Watch, and connected consumer health devices.

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Welcome to Infinite Arms!

The original ideas for Gene Doe came soon after I logged on to the Internet for the first time as a third-year medical student, growing from the realization that the technology would one day allow patients to carry their entire medical record in their pocket, and share with others as needed. Since that time, I have pursued the concept, beginning with acquiring the skills of a "full-stack" developer, capable of producing all aspects of client/server applications. Along the way, our status/post application has helped dozens of investigators across the country remotely gather data needed for their research.

With our integration of REDCap with Apple's ResearchKit, HealthKit, and CloudKit, our platform now hosts all of the necessary components for the launch of Gene Doe in 2021. We are working with investigators across the country to develop citizen-science protocols for a variety of health conditions.

We are completing integrations of Microsoft Azure including EventHubs, Databricks, and Spark to provide presents/with, clinical dashboards for real-time monitoring of collected digital health data.

Investigators should download the whitepaper below to learn more about the platform, and contact us if you are interested in developing protocols for wide deployment.

Christopher Metts, M.D.
Founder, Infinite Arms, LLC
Assistant Professor
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC

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Pilot Study : RN Wellness


Registered Nurses



906 K

Heart Rate Samples


Steps Walked

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Flights Climbed

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