iPhone, REDCap, ResearchKit, and HealthKit Integration

status/post is an integration of REDCap and ResearchKit:

REDCap is a web application designed to support the data capture and management needs of biomedical clinical and translational research. Through a simple point-and-click user-interface, investigators can quickly create participant surveys, event schedules for their delivery, and the required supporting databases, without the need for expensive IT and programming resources. Most importantly, comprehensive security and auditing features ensure that hosted projects can be fully HIPAA compliant.

Developed by the informatics core at Vanderbilt University under the direction of Paul A. Harris, Ph.D., and with ongoing support from NCATS and NIH grants, REDCap is made available at no charge to over 1900 institutional partners worldwide. Members of the REDCap Consortium install and manage the application on their own hardware, and in many cases provide training and technical support to investigators desiring to use the platform in their research. As such, REDCap has proven to be extremely popular with researchers, and currently hosts over 250,000 projects.

REDCap also provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for developers to augment the core functionality. A wide variety of queries can be issued to the API by custom applications designed to perform advanced analytics, reporting, and more.

ResearchKit is a framework created by Apple that allows development of powerful iOS apps for medical research. Through Survey, ActiveTasks, and Consent modules, the framework provides to developers many of the fundamental components needed for production of robust apps that collect patient reported outcome and health sensor data. Resulting apps have the same intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces that Apple is famous for, making the experience of being a "citizen scientist" fun!

Through the ResearchKit framework, and REDCap's API, status/post brings these two applications together. Now researchers can use the REDCap interface they are already familiar with to create a ResearchKit app from start to finish without the need for expensive IT and developer resources.

status/post communicates directly with REDCap servers with the provided API. The entire design of the project, including surveys and the event schedule, is downloaded upon device initialization following queries to the API. Data is pushed to REDCap as it is collected, with cacheing employed for occasions when a network connection is not available.

status/post implements branching-logic defined in the REDCap data collection instruments, and also provides for additional features such as hidden fields, randomization of question order, and branching-logic based on variables held on the device.

The dynamic nature by which interactions with the user are created in the application means that it is a minor task to deploy practically any project created in REDCap to the iPhone or iPad in a ResearchKit powered app.

For more information, please see the Features ListFAQ, and Investigator Tutorials.

Easy To Use

Design your project the same way you design all of your REDCap projects. Easily implement special features such as hidden fields and random question order using the Field Note.

Custom Experience

The user interface is optimized for the small screen, and is easily navigated by the user. Randomize your event times, and provide a custom experience based on outside factors.

Real-time Data

See the results of your study as it happens. All data is pushed to REDCap as it is collected, with cacheing employed when a network connection is not available.

Fast deployment

Our application is ready for your REDCap designed study! The dynamic framework means a completed app is possible in days.